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2002年本旅行社率先在高斯达克上市(KOSDAQ: 039130), 目前已在伦敦证券交易所上市(LSE: TOUR) HANATOUR通过国内十二个子公司和世界二十四个网络向旅客提供旅游服务, 在2007年达成13.73%韩国出境市场占有率、销售额1992亿元(韩币)、营业率润359亿元(韩币)。

HANATOUR Service Inc is the largest travel agency in South Korea. It is a travel wholesaler offering inbound and outbound tour services with 12 subsidiaries and 24 global business networks. HANATOUR is the first KOSDAQ(Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation)-listed travel agency in november 2000 and was included in the "KOSDAQ STAR Index" in 2006. On November 2006, it is also listed at the London Stock Exchange.